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The method of making this corn halwa is very easy and simple. This delicacy can be made in a jiffy.
Nuts add a special taste to this halwa.


Corn flour 100 gm
Sugar 150 gms
Cardamom one pinch
Cashew nuts grated half cup
Almonds grated half cup
Pistachio grated half cup
Cow ghee half cup
Lime juice one spoon (optional)
Kaesari powder orange and yellow half pinch each
Water two cups


Mix the cornflour with adequate water and stir well.
Heat the frying pan with cornflour mix, sugar, kaesari colour powder and stir well.
Give continuous stir.
Once it gets thickened, add a quarter cup of ghee.
Heat a tempering pan with one tablespoon of ghee and fry the chopped cashews, almonds and pistachios.
Add the remaining ghee and stir away.
You can add the lime juice at this stage.
Stir constantly until the mixture becomes a lump without sticking to the pan.
Transfer the fried nuts and incorporate them into the nonsticky lump

Transfer the mass into a greased plate and wait to settle down and  cut into…