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The barnyard millet is a wholesome grain like rice, wheat, maize, finger millet etc. 

This millet is low in calories, at the same time rich in dietary fibre. 

Wonderfully it is the best low glycemic index meal. 

It is a good source of iron. 
Gluten-free millet.
Now Let us view the procedure of making barnyard millet curd meal. This meal is easy to make, quick fix food. It combines excellently with any thokku and pickle.
Barnyard millet one cup Water three cups Fresh Curd three cups Salt to taste Asafoetida one pinch Cumin seeds one spoon Curry leaves 10 nos Mustard seeds one spoon Red chillies two  Coriander leaves chopped one tablespoon optional Sesame oil two spoons onion (Bellary) bits one tablespoon
Wash the millet three times and add the above-mentioned quantity of water and pressure cook with one whistle and simmer the flame until the next whistle starts. Switch off the flame and set aside. Cut the onion and collect every tempering ingredients such as mustard seeds, red chilli…