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This posting is about Bottle gourd milk curry. It is very delicious to eat with hot steamed rice. This is a favourite food of our village people, 

Bottlegourd medium size one Mustard seeds one spoon Peanut oil one tablespoon Cumin seeds one spoon Coriander leaves optional Salt to taste Turmeric one poon Milk one cup Shallots 6 chopped Curry leaves tow sprigs Green chillies two split Water half a cup
Peel off the skin of the bottle gourd Remove the inner pulp Chop the gourd into cubes Heat the frying pan with oil. Add mustard seeds to splutter.  Once they spluttered, add shallots, curry leaves and green chillies Saute for a few seconds. Add turmeric. Saute again in low flame. Add the veggie and saute again. Add salt and water Close with a lid and allow cooking for two minutes over a medium flame. Observe the cubes turns soft. Add cumin seeds. Mash the cooked veggie along with mustard seeds. Set aside to cool down. Blend the bottle gourd cubes with milk for a second.

Enjoy with hot steamed rice…