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Orange milkshake

Ingredients we need to make this delicious beverage:

Two Orange fruits
Sugar 1 tablespoon
Icecubes 8 pcs
Cold milk boiled 300 ml
Pistaschio flakes 1 tbsp
Rose water homemade 2 tbsps
Cold water 100 ml.


Wash the fresh Oranges and  Cut the outer rinds carefully.
Take out from the pith and remove the nerves and white tissues.
Add sugar, ice cubes 6 pcs, rose water homemade, Cold milk 300 ml to the mixer jar.
Blend all the ingredients together in high-speed mode for two minutes.
Strain the mixture into a jar.
Add 100 ml cold water over the blend to strain the entire extract.
Now drop one ice cube in each glass.
Fill the glasses with the smoothie.
Garnish with pistachio flakes.
Now you have it!
Thick, lush and creamy Orange milkshake is ready for you!
Serve chilled.

Satiate your thirst for Summer coolant Orange milkshake to stay hydrated!


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