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We can't resist the craving for Sweet Boondis or Boondi Laddu especially during Diwali celebrations and special family occasions.

Sweet Boondis are popular sweet in our nation. Boondis are deep-fried to softly textured droplets sweetened with sugar syrup and flavoured with edible camphor and cardamoms.

Cooking Time 30 minutes
Yield: 5 servings
Do refer the video for the procedure.


Besan Flour 500 gms
Water 200 ml for batter-preparation
Water 200 ml for sugar syrup preparation
Edible camphor one pinch
Cardamoms 8 pcs to be crushed
Fresh ghee 50 ml
Kaesar Powder one pinch
Cashews 8 pcs
Raisins 20 pcs.


Mix the besan flour with water to get thick and runny batter.
Mix well till no lumps remain.
Heat the Oil to the deep-frying temperature.
We use special perforated large soon to make boondis here.
Apply some ghee over both sides of the spoon to get fine droplets.
Just drop a tiny batter into the oil to check the perfect deep-frying temperature.
If the batter drop comes up immediately…