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It is a wholesome side dish. It is the best combination to Idli,.dosai, oothappam, paniyaram. Ingredients:Black gram one cup
Chenna dal one cup
Horse gram half cup
Red chillies 9 or 10
Curry leaves 4 stigs
Salt required
Asafoetida one pinch
Til seeds optionalProcedure:Roast horsegram in a dry pan without oil.
followed by chenna dal, black gram till the roasted smell emanated.
Add red and chillies .
Add curry leaves.
Roast and salt and asafoetida should be added finally.
Keep aside..Let all the roasted ingrediests get cool
Grind in a dry mixe jar to coarse powder.Idlipodi is ready now.
Mix with gingelly oil
use this podi as a side dish to your hot idlies, dosai, paniyaram, plain oothappam. quick and nutritious side dish.


Tomato rice is made in different version like briyani. It is a quick method which need only 10 minutes..
It goes well with curd pachadi or potato chips pepper sprinkled.Ingredients :Tomatos 2
ponni boiled rice one cup
cooking oil one tablespoon
mustard seeds half spoon
cinnoman two
cardamom one
briyani flowers and buds and leave pieces
onion chopped half cup
ginger grated one tablespoon
garlic grated one tablespoon
turmeric half spoon
red chillies four or five
curry leaves half cupProcedure:Heat the cooker with oil.
Add mustard seeds followed by cinnonan, cardamom other briyani items to fry..
Add onions , curryleaves, red chillies split.
Saute a while.
Add ginger and garlic grates
Add turmeric.
Followed tomato pieces
Saute and wait for few seconds
Let the flame in medium level.
Add rice and three cups of water.
Add salt.
check the taste..
mix well and close the lid and put the weight on the nostril.
Wait for whistle and low flame is recommended for one minute.
And switch off the fl…