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Crispy Banana flower fritters are the tasty evening snack with hot tea in the winter evening. The family members will like to taste.
Banana flowers one cup Raw rice flour one tablespoon Bengal gram flour one cup Sodium bicarbonate half pinch Cooking oil required to fry. Salt required Asafoetida half pinch Red chilly powder half spoon
Mix the raw rice flour, bengal gram flour, Asafoetida red chilly powder, salt and sodium bicarbonate well in a dry bowl.
Add water little by little and make a thick paste.
Keep aside.
Remove the calyx and stigma from the flowers.
Heat the oil to fry.
Dip the flower in the paste and drop into oil gently
Drop one by one
Do the same for six to seven flowers in one batch.
Flip the flowers to other side to fry into golden brown fritters.
When the sizzling sounds of the oil ceases, collect the fritters in a laddle and place them in a dry bowl.
Fry the remaining in the same way.
Transfer all the fritters in a serving bowl.
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