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The procedure of cooking Drumstick Sambar Rice is very simple and easy.  It is a kind of whole meal loved by all. The ingredients of this dish make the meal highly nutritious. Take a look on how to make the yummy drumstick whole meal .
Ingredients :
Rice 250 gms Toor dal or masoor Dal 100 gms Shallots chopped one cup Curry leaves half cup Sambar powder three teaspoons Turmeric powder one spoon Drumsticks two or three medium size peeled and cut 2 inch pieces Cooking oil one tablespoon Tamarind extract two cups One tomato chopped Asafoetida one pinch Chopped coriander leaves one cup Salt required Mustard seeds one spoon
Wash several times and soak the rice and dal together for half an hour. Pressure cook the rice, dal , turmeric, half spoon of salt and drumstick pieces together with required water. Wait for one whistle and simmer until second whistle starts. Remove from the flame and keep aside to cool. Heat the pan with cooking oil. Add mustard seeds to splutter. Add shallots, curry leaves. Saute fo…