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Fiber rich, high protein empowered Foxtail millet can be used too make delicious dosais with chutney, sambar, tomato chutney etc.
How to make?

Fresh Fox tail millet flour 250gms Urad dal 50gms 
One spoon of fenugreek seeds Adequate water Salt to taste.
Soak urad dal and one spoon of fenugreek seeds for one hour. Wash and grind them with adequate water to a smooth and fluffy batter. Take 250 gms of foxtail millet flour in a mixing bowl. Pour the batter in the mixing bowl and mix with the dry flour by adding adequate water. Add salt and mix. Blend well with hand. Close with the lid and set aside overnight. In the next day morning, you can notice it fermented well. Heat the dosa pan and pour the one big spoon of batter over it. Spread the batter to a thin round in a circular motion. Drizzle oil over the sides of the dosai. Close with the lid and allow to cook for one second. Flip over the dosa. collect the dosa in a dry plate. Repeat the process as per your requirement.
It pairs very wel…


Kachayam is one of the traditional sweets of kongu folks. It is specially prepared and brought as a gift sweets by the people when they visited their relatives home. They will bring a lot in a closed silver buckets to show their abundance of love.

It has a long process and many members take part in preparing this sweet.
Let us start our procedure to make this yummy kachayams.
Raw rice IR 20 or Pongal pacharisi 350 gms Jaggery crushed powder  350 gms Adequate water to prepare jaggery syrup Cardamom seeds crushed one tablespoon Ghee one cup Refined Peanut oil to deep fry
Wash and soak the raw rice overnight. Drain the water completely and spread on a paper or dry white cloth for one hour. Blend the raw rice into a fine powder. Sieve the flour to get a fine powder. Again give the remaining coarse raw grains to a mixer and blend two to three  seconds. Sieve again until the entire raw rice turns into a nice flour. Bring to boil the jaggery with one cup of water until the one string …