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Green gram is a wonderfully packed with high nutrients and as a bean it is cooked fast and has a unique flavor liked by all. With its rich fiber ad nutrient content, it offers a numerous health benefits. it helps to lose weight. It lowers blood pressure by balancing the effects of Sodium.  Green gram with 14 gms of protein per one cup serving fits the bill as an alternative nutrient rich source of protein to your usual non vegetarian food. Women and children are in need of iron and are always at the risk of iron deficiency. As a source of iron, green gram can help you to meet your daily iron needs. Combining your green gram with a vitamin c rich food such as peppers helps with iron absorption.
Now we are going to prepare pasiparuppu neipodi. 
Whole green gram 250 gms Cow ghee one tablespoon Cumin seeds one tablespoon Hing two pinches Salt to taste Curry leaves two sprigs Red chilies five nos
Heat the frying pan with ghee
Add red chilies, curry leaves and cumin seeds.
Followed b…