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A Short Introduction of nutrional benefits of this Authentic South Indian food is necessary, before learning how to prepare idlies.

It is a wonderful weight watcher.
One idli contains 65 calories of protein.
Rich in amino acids.
Never boring to eat.
Fermentation of Idli batter increases bioavailability of vitamin B.
Since it is steamed, fat is very low and easily digestible and suitable food for elders, children, patients, and everybody.
So Idlies are not only a classic and yummy treat to the gustatory senses but also a healthy as well.


Idli rice 3 cups
Gelabi urid dal 1 cup
castor seeds 8
fenugreek seeds 2 teaspoons
gingelly oil one spoon


Soak Idli rice and urid dal and fenugreek seeds with enough water for three hours.
Break the kernal of castor seeds and the pulp should be taken out.
Grind the entire mixure for one hour into smooth paste.
Collect the batter into a big vessel and cover with a lid.
Allow it overnight or 8 hours to ferment.
Grease the gingelly oil into the idli moulds.
Boil three cups of water in the Idli making vessel .
place the idli mould filled with batter.
Close the vessel with a lid.
Allow it for 5minutes.
A smell of steamed idlies is coming out.
Open the lid and switch off the flame.
Sprinkle little water over idlies.
Wait for a while and remove the idlies from the mould with a spoon.
Store Idlies in a hotpot.



Onions one cup full
Gralic 3 pulses
Cooking oil one and half tablespoon
Tomato 1 chopped
Tamarind small quantity
Jaggery medium size 1
Asafoetida one pinch
Salt required
Red chillies small 6
Heat the oil and add all the above ingredients one by one in a pan.
Saute it well.
when onions shows transparency take out from the flame.
Allow it to cool.
Grind the mixture with little water.
Chutny is ready to combine with Idlies.

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Unknown said...

Wow.... Thanks for the recipe mom. I ll try onion chutney soon :)

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