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These above-mentioned dishes are familiar in Coimbatore, Erode, Tiruppur, Palani, Dharapuram, Pollachi areas of Kongu Region of Tamil Nadu, India.
Prepared and served in special days i.e., Ammavasai , festival days. and in special occasions like family get- together days.
These will go very well with potato chips, any veg porials, vadagams .

preparation time:  20 minutes
cooking time: 10 minutes
serves for two.



Toor dal 200 gms
cooking oil one tablespoon
onion chopped 1/2 cup
Red chillies 3
curry leaves 1/2 cup
mustard seeds one small spoon
cumin seeds and pepper seeds coarse powder one spoon
(Roast cumin seeds and pepper seeds together to pop. allow to cool and grind  them coarsely in mixer and collect it in a small container. This coarse mixture is used for Paruppu.rasam or Dal rasam, and Uppu Paruppu.)
garlic pulses 2.


Cook Dal with three whistles and allow to cool.
Divide the cooked dal into 3:1 proportions
Heat the oil and add mustard seeds to splutter.
Add onions, red chillies broken, curry leaves.
Combine well.
let the onions become transparent.
Add cooked dal .
Add coarse powder, salt required and grated garlic pulses.
Mix it well with dal in the flame for a while. and take out.
Uppu Paruppu is ready Now.



One portion of cooked dal made into mixture with water.
Gingelly oil one spoon
mustard seeds one small spoon.
Red chillies three broken
curry leaves one handful
Drained tamarind and tomato extract two cups
coriander leaves one handful chopped
Garlic pulses three
coarse powder two spoons


Heat gingelly oil.
Add mustard seeds to splutter
Add curry leaves and red chillies. let the flame low.
Add Asafoetida one pinch.
Pour the extract.
Add required salt and jaggery 10 gms.
Allow to boil and thick.
Add Dal water
Add coarse powder and grated garlic pulses
When the mixture gets the boiling stage, switch off the flame.Add coriander leaves.
Now your Paruopu Rasam is ready.

These above dishes can be served with ghee. You will never forget its wonderful flavour and taste.

Try this combo and leave the comment..!

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