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Snake guard contains a rich variety of nutrients, including significant levels of dietary fibres, in terms of vitamins, snake gourd possess vitamin A, B, C , manganese magnesium, calcium iron and potassium to a certain extent.
Snake gourd has been used as a traditional medicine for stimulating the liver and increases urination, thereby speeding up the elimination of toxins from the body. It avoids dryness and dehydration and helps the proper functioning of the kidneys and bladder. Snake gourd has been used as a diuretic in traditional medicine for many years, as it stimulates and increases urination, thereby speeding up the elimination of toxins from the body. It also increases the creation of fluids which helps in eliminating dryness in the skin and other parts.
Children with bowel problems have been given snakegourd to ease their discomfort and acts as a mild laxative.Its high fiber content help with bowel disorders, constipation and as a curative for sinus problems and infections of respiratory system.
The snake gourd stimulates the growth of new hair and protect weakening follicles from hair loss.Its high carotenes caring for the skin and hair. It also reduce the frequency of dandruff.
It is containing antibiotic elements to our overall health
The low calory high nutrient composition makes a favourite anti diabetic food source.It is a great dietary option to reduce obesity.
Snake gourd is used as a traditional medicine to reduce the heart palpitions and lower blood pressure.

The snake gourd is moreover very tasty vegetable when cooked with geen gram and chenna dal as kootu. It tastes wonderful when cooked as Porial.


Onions finely chopped one cup
snake gourd evenly chopped one full cup
Red chillies three or four broken
splited chenna dal one tablespoon
curry leaves finely chopped one handful
coriander leaves finely chopped
mustard seeds one teaspoon
Cooking oil one tablespoon
Turmeric one teaspoon
salt as needed
Coconut grates one cup

Step by step Procedure:

Heat the cooking oil in a pan
Add mustard seeds to pop up
Add chenna dal and allow it to fry.
Add onions . curry leaves and red chillies
Saute for a while.
Add Turmeric powder
Add snake gourd pieces and little water to be sprinkled.
The salt to be added
Close the lid.
The flame level should be in medium.
Wait five minutes to cook .
Add coriander leaves and coconut grates.
Remove from the flame

Serve hot with rice. dal, rasam and butter milk or curd as a side dish.

You will enjoy its amazing taste.

Please let me know your comments.😇


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