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Coconut chutny is an excellent side dish and condiment to go well wth idlies, dosais and medhu vadais.
It is a popular side dish all over Tamiladu. It possesses high nutritious calories of protein.

Ingredients :
Roasted bengal gram one cup
Shredded coconut one and a half cup.
(fresh coconut is always preferred)coconut water should be collected when the coconut is being broken into two halves.This water contains the tender coconut's.nutrients. so don't waste this water. If u add this to this chutny it will give a amazing taste to the chutny.
Green chillies medium size three
Ginger shredded one teaspoon
Curry leaves seven or eight
Salt as needed
coconut water half cup

For seasoning:

cooking oil one spoon
mustard seeds one spoon
urad dal half spoon
curry leaves eight
asafoetida half pinch


Blend all the above ingredients with required water in a blender
Let the consistency is a coarsely ground.
Pour into a bowl.
Heat the oil in a small skillet.
Add mustard seeds .
Add urad dal after the mustard seeds popping up.
Add curry leaves.Remove from the flame and sprinkle a very little asafoetida powder.
Transfer the contents to the chutny in the bowl.
Mix them evenly.
You can dilute the chutny or thick as it is as per your option.
Now the spicy milky coconut chutny is ready to serve and taste with Idlies, dosais, and medu vadais.

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