Friday, 23 January 2015


This Halwa is a popular sweet in our areas. It is served as a special sweet in wedding feasts. It is an yummy, mouthwatering sweet loved by all. simple at the same time.. grand sweet, we ever crave for


sugar 3/4 cup
white pumpkin peeled and sponge portion removed with seeds and finely grated one full cup
ghee 1/4 cup
cashews broken into pieces one spoon
raisins three or four
cardamom three powdered
kesar color powder half pinch


Extract the pumpkin grates.
water should be removed from the grates by placing the grates into a small white towel and bundle them tightly. Almost all watery juice oozing out from the grates. u can collect one full cup of water from the grates. You consume the juice mixing with lime juice and honey, cardamom powder. This drink is of medicinal value for heat.
Heat the pan with grates.
Stir well in the medium heat,
until the grates become translucent.
Add sugar and kesar powder
Mix well.
Let the flame in medium level.
The sugar dissolves and mixes with gratings.
Stir in between.
The watery content is absorbed completely.
The mixture thickens and non-sticky.
At this stage, add ghee.
Mix well and low the flame level.
Add roasted cashew pieces, fried raisins, cardamom powder.
Mix well for a while.
Remove the Halwa from the flame.
Kasi halwa is looking glossy and translucent...melting sweet...ready to serve hot.

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