Friday, 23 January 2015


Pongal is a quick and tasty breakfast in our kitchen. Let us have look on this preparation of this kongu cuisine.


moong dal half cup dry roasted
raw ponni rice two cups
cumin seeds one tablespoon
peper one tablespoon
green chillies four halved
curry leaves one cup
cooking oil one tablespoon
ghee one tablespoon
cashews three split into pieces


Soak the ponni raw rice and moong dal and wash several times and add four cups of water and keep aside.
In a 3 litre cooker, add oil and heat.
Add cumon seeds and pepper to splutter
followed by green chillies and curry leaves
Saute for two minutes.
Add half pinch asafoetida
Add rice and moong dal mixure wirh water.
Add Salt to taste.
Mix well.
Cover with lid and place the weight on it.
Keep the cooker in low flame after one whistle sounds.
Wait for two minutes.
switch off the flame and remove the pressure cooker.
After ten minutes, remove the lid.
Mash the pongal and add splitted and roasted cashews and ghee and mix well.

Pongal is ready to serve hot with Sambar and chutny. Medhu vada is also the best combination for..this white pongal.But I always go for peppersprinkled potato chips as the very best combination with this pongal..

Do try and tell me how it is turned out..

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