Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Making crispy and yummy Potato chips in this blog is a simple and an instant homestyle preparation. no hard long process....just make in minutes by this easy method; It goes well with any rice and any meals. And also it is good to have as a handful snack in the evening with tea..

potato two medium size two
pepper one tablespoon coarsely ground
salt as required
Cooking oil to deep fry


Wash the potatos several times. Peel off the outer skin of the potato with peeler.
Make the potato slices with the help of manual potato slicer.
Heat the cooking oil to deep fry level te mperature.
Drop potato slices one by one into the oil carefully. Deepfry the potato slices in several batches.
Allow them to deep fry until the oil pubbles cease.
Take care that the chips are fried crispy and light golden brown.
Strain the oil with a laddle from the fried chips.
Sprinkle Salt and pepper and shake until the salt and pepper mixed well and applied on the chips both sides.
Yummy and crispy potato chips ready within fifteen minutes. It is ready to combine with main dish. you can have its wonderful taste with any fried rice like tomato rice, lime rice,puthina rice, tamarind rice as well.

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