Saturday, 25 July 2015


This snack is an instant savory, looking golden yellow, crunchy, tastes excellently and prepared during Diwali celebration.
We can prepare a lot and store in a air tight container and enjoy for more than 10 days.
Shall we take a look on the preparation of ribbon snack..

Ingredients :

Boiled rice flour one cup
Fried gram powder three cups
butter or vanaspati one spoon
Asafoetida one pinch
Ajwain /omam powder one teaspoon
I prefer this omam or ajwain powder as a must for an easy digestion coz this snack is very tasteful and crunchy,  we'll enjoy more and more..omam comforts our tummy.
Sunflower oil or any cooking refined oil to deep fry.


Sieve the rice four and get a fine powder.
Blend the fried gram three cups, red chilly powder, ajwain seeds into a fine texture.
and sieve this and get a fine powder.
Mix the rice flour, gram flour, salt as needed well in a dry bowl.
Add butter or vanaspathy and add water little by little so as to get a nonsticky soft dough.
Heat the oil to deepfry temperature.
Fill the chakli or muruku making equipment with the part of the dough.
Press with top pressing part directly into oil.
Let the flame in medium level.
Flip the other side of the ribbons carefully with the help of laddle.
After the sizzling sound and bubbles subsides to minimum, take out the fried ribbons out and place in the dry plate.
In the same way all the batches be squeezed and fried.
Break into pieces and store them for use.
The following images are making you clear about the procedure ...
Do try.. let me know how it come out..

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