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Curd rice is a yummy dish that is the most favourite food for all children and adults.

Let us have a look on the nutritional values of curd.

Curd boosts digestion and works best for stomach upset.
It is a best natural substitute for pro biotic and antibiotics for young children.
Curd is also a natural fire extinguisher after a very spicy meal. A small cup of curd will keep your stomach very comfort.
It is good for skin tone so you can apply it on your face or on your hair. You will get the soft skin with a healthy glow.
It is having high calcium content and good fats.
It increases immunity and the defence mechanism of the body.
Curd is a good stress buster and great mood lifter.

                                                     curd's nutritional values-courtesy.. Google.


curd three cups
boiled rice one cup
salt as required
ginger grated one spoon
shallots chopped half cup
red chillies three (split)
curry leaves half cup
coriander leaves chopped half cup
mustard seeds one spoon
asafoetida one pinch
coriander leaves finely chopped half cup


Wash the rice and soak for half an hour.
Cook the rice with required water in the pressure cooker with three whistles.
After releasing pressure, take the hot rice out and mash it with a spatula.
Allow the mashed rice to cool.
Add curd with the rice and mix well without lumps.
Heat the cooking oil in a dry pan.
Add mustard seed to splutter
Add shallots, red chillies, curry leaves, ginger grates.
Saute a while until the onions turn transparent.
Add one pinch of asafoetida.
Transfer the fried ingredients into the rice.
Mix well with a spatula without lumps.
Add coriander leaves and mix smoothly.

Note: Curd should be fresh. Adding little sugar to neutralize tanginess. but optional.

Curd Rice is now ready  to serve with More Milakai ( soaked in buttermilk several times and dried in Sunlight) and any type of pickles.

Try dears..!


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