Monday, 13 July 2015


Omapodi is a delicious snack that we prepare during Diwali celebrations. It is a tea time snack too. Further it is a comfortable snack to our tummy.

Ingredients :

Three cups of Besan flour
1/4th cup of Raw rice flour
cooking oil for deep frying
Ajwain seeds/omam one teaspoon crushed.
water to knead into a soft dough
salt as needed
red chilly powder one spoon
asafoetida one pinch
sev mould with fine holed circle plate


Mix the besan flour, salt, red chilly powder and raw rice flour evenly as a dry mixture.
Powder the ajwain seeds and mix them in little hot water and strain the water.
Add this water and one cup of water.
Knead into a soft dough.
Meanwhile heat the cooking oil in a dry pan into required temperature to deep fry.
Let the flame be low level.
Fill the sev mould with dough
Squeeze the dough by giving pressure so that the dough drops the fine moodles.
Give the circle motion of the noodles into the hot oil.
Immediately turn over the fried noodles to other side.
when the oil becomes having less bubbles, the sev is in deep fried perfectly.
Take out the fried circle of sev.
Place them in a dry plate.
Break them into short sev.
Golden Brown, crispy , ajwain flavoured sev is ready to enjoy with tea in the evening of the forthcoming monsoon days. You know, it can be used in chat items and toppings of the chats..
Try this for your cute kids and your family
and your feed back will be appreciated..:)

Ajwain seeds extract+3 cups of Besan Flour+ 1/4 cup of Raw flour
Circular sev is deep frying in the cooking oil

fried sev in a dry plate
Stored in a dry stainless steel bowl
Broken sev in a bowl with the pressing equipement
Oma sev is ready to serve

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