Wednesday, 12 August 2015


This sweet is so tempting. This is authentic sweet of kongu people. Very yummy and loved by all.
Let us have a look on the preparation of this tempting laddu within ten minutes..
Samolina/Sooji/white Rava two cups
Sugar two cups
Fresh ghee three tablespoons
Cardamoms thirteen
Cashewnut bits one tablespoon
Raisins one tablespoon
Shredded coconut one and a half cup
Heat the dry pan with one tablespoon ghee in low flame.
Add cashews and let them fry into light brown.
Add raisins and let them puffed up.
Add Coconut grates to fry for sometime till the moisture goes off.
Transfer the fried items into a dry plate.
Heat a dry pan with two tablespoons of ghee to a minimum temperature.
Add rava or sooji immediately and Stir well continuously. Let the flame be in low medium.
Care should be taken not to burn Rava.
Stir well until the white Rava becomes cream colour and switch off the flame and transfer into the already fried ingredients i.e., coconut flakes, raisins and cashew bits.
Meanwhile, take the sugar in a pressure pan sprinkled with  little water to soak the sugar completely.
Heat the pressure pan in a medium flame of another burner.
Sugar dissolved and begins to boil. Within few minutes it becomes thick syrup with one string consistency. It is to be noticed when you pour the syrup into the pan, final drop will fall with one string. Switch off the flame.
Incorporate all the fried items and coarse powdered cardamoms into the sugar syrup and mix well gently.
Set aside for half an hour.
The mixture is ready to make balls of lemon size.
No need to add more ghee.
you can roll softly to make balls.
Yummy sweet rava laddu is ready. But you have to wait for eight hours to relish this exotic sweet laddu. (Coz the entire rava and coconut flakes absorb sugar syrup and settle down and come out with exotic taste.. See, you cannot stop enjoying with one laddu.. you will enjoy more..
Give this recipe a try and come back..

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