Saturday, 24 October 2015


Pepper Murukku is one of the most favorite snacks of Kongu people. It is good for health. It is so delicious and also nutritious. These crunchy murukku bits are made with the fried channa dal flour and raw rice flour as major ingredients. Ajwain seeds powder added to easy digestion and mild flavour. Coarse pepper powder is added to dominate the taste.


Raw rice flour two cups
fried channa dal flour two cups
ajwain seeds powder one spoon
crushed coarse pepper powder one and half tablespoon
hot oil one spoon
water as required to knead a soft and nonsticky dough
salt as required
cooking oil as required


Mix the two flours, salt, pepper, ajwain powder well in dry condition.
Add enough water to get nonsticky and soft dough.
Add hot oil one spoon and knead softly.
Use murukku maker with star holes to squeeze murukku directly into the hot oil.
Heat the cooking oil to the right temperature to fry.
Squeeze the murukku directly into the oil carefully.
when sizzling sound ceases, take out the murukku with the laddle.
Collect all the murukkus into a dry bowl.
Break them softly.
Serve with tea.

How is it? How do you like this crunchy and tasty murukku bits with pepper flavour?

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