Wednesday, 30 December 2015


Celebrate this New year 2016 with melting mysore pak..!!!
Three main ingredients needed to make this wonderful sweet.

Ingredients :

Besan flour one bowl
Sugar one bowl
Ghee one bowl
kaesar color powder half pinch
water 1/4 cup


Add one tablespoon ghee in a dry pan and heat.
Add besan flour and roast for one minute in simmer level of flame.
Transfer the sugar in a separate pan with 1/4 cup of water and add four drops of the kaesar powder solution.
Allow the sugar syrup into one string consistency
Then add one spoon of ghee.
Transfer the entire roasted besan flour
Stir with the ladle in a low flame.
switch off the flame.
Add the remaining ghee with the mixture
and stir until the mixture gets nonsticky and thick.
Apply the ghee over the dry tray.
Transfer the mixture to the tray and allow to cool for five minutes.
Cut the mixture with a knife into rectangular pieces.

Melting mysore pak is ready to relish..!

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