Friday, 8 January 2016


Lemon Rasam is having its unique flavour of lemon and its procedure is very same as we prepare other rasams like tomato rasam, pepper rasam, cumin rasam, paruppu rasam/dal rasam, garlic rasam and so on. The only difference is observed by you in this preparation of rasam.


Toor dal extract three cups
roasted one spoon cumin seeds+pepper seeds one spoon coarse powder.
grated garlic pulses one spoon
coriander leaves chopped half cup
asafoetida one pinch
lemon one
gingelly oil one spoon
mustard seeds one spoon
broken red chillies three
curry leaves


Heat the oil in a dry pan.
Add mustard seeds to pop up.
then red chilies and curry leaves.
Switch off the flame before you add red chillies and curry leaves to avoid burning.
Add asafoetida
Followed by the dal extract cooked withone spoon turmeric and three drops of castor oil.
Switch on the burner.
Add salt.
Allow to boiling temperature.
Add  chopped coriander leaves
Switch off the flame.
Keep aside to cool.
After ten minutes, squeeze the lemon.
Yummy and flavorful lemon rasam is ready to serve with hot rice.
It can be tasted as lemon dal soup.
It is highly nutritional and an easy recipe.

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