Tuesday, 19 January 2016


Urad Dal Jelaebi is a special sweet and traditional. Urad dal is good for health. It contains essential fatty acids and it is a probiotic food. It is an essential ingredient added to make idlies, dosais, paniyaram, medu vadai,  idlippodi, jelaebi etc. Scientific studies reveal that this lentils are memory booster and called as brain food.

how to make tempting jelaebi?


jelaebi ulundu or skinless urad dal two cups
sugar four cups
rose paneer five drops
Orange kaesari color powder


Wash and soak urad dal for a hour.
Drain the water completely.
Grind the soaked urad dal adding  water little by little to get soft urad batter. Grind the batter for nearly one hour to get fluffy and smooth batter.
Add kaesari color powder half pinch and grind for perfect mixing.
Collect the batter in a bowl.
Prepare sugar syrup by adding sugar , three cups of water and quarter pinch of kaesar color powder with one string consistency.
Add rose paneer five drops.
Heat the cooking oil in a broad pan in medium heat.
Take a icing bag with round hole nostril.
Fill the icing bag 3/4th with batter and squeeze double rounds and chainful swirls on the round directly into the oil carefully and complete as shown in the image.
Let the jelaebi be fried in a medium flame.
Flip other side and the oil bubbles begin to cease.
Take out the jelaebies and transfer into the dry plate.
Add one tablespoon of ghee in the syrup.
Dip the hot jelaebi into the hot syrup and allow to immerse for three minutes and take out and collect them in a dry bowl.
Repeat the process until the entire batter exhausts.
Transfer all the jelabies into the syrup.
Lips smacking jelaebies are ready to relish.

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