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The basic ingredients used in this recipe make the food delicous and nutritious. It can be served as an evening tiffin or breakfast. Very easy and simple to make. Quick method too.


Red rice 200 gm
Flattened red rice 50 gm
Coconut grates two cups
Salt required


Dry roast the red rice and red flattened rice
Grind them into a fine coarse powder together.
I follow the Kerala method to steam the puttu.
Wet the mix with one cup of boiled water little by little.
The consistency should be bread crumb texture.
Refer the image. 

Now in kongu method.
Steam all the puttu mix with coconut grates in a idli mould.
Temper the puttu with mustard seeds, shallots, green chillies curry leaves and coriander leaves
This is spicy soft red rice puttu.

Sweet version:

We can enjoy this steamed puttu with jaggery powder and ghee. 

Now we will follow Kerala method of cooking Red rice puttu by using Puttu mould vessel :

This method is presented here for those people who like Kerala Special Kuzhaiputtu.

Add two cups of water to the bottom vessel of the puttu maker
Grease the cylindrical puttu mould with few drops of oil inside around.
Place the round perforated disk in the bottom of the puttu mould so that it fits well in the bottom.
Add three teaspoons of shredded coconut to the bottom of the mould with the help of a spoon.
Followed by six teaspoon of puttu mix and again three spoon of coconut grates and six teaspoons of puttu mix. 
Add another layer of coconut grates on the top of the mould.
Close with the lid .
Steam for seven minutes.
Turn off the heat and wait for five minutes.
Now, with the help of a ladle, push the puttu outside of the mould keeping it in a plate.
It will lay on the plate as a well cooked cylindrical shaped puttu.

This puttu can be served with chenna dal curry. 

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