Monday, 25 April 2016


Papaya fruit is packed with rich vitamin A. Deliciously sweet with appealing orange tones, it is no wonder that  the papaya fruit is popularly named as the fruit of angels. (by CHRISTOBER COLUMBUS).
The fruits are available in the markets, fruit stalls, departmental stores throughout the year.

Nutritional profile of Papaya fruit:

They are rich in antioxidant nutrients i.e. flavanoids and carotenes, vitamin A, B, C,K,  folate, the minerals such as copper, potassium, magnesium and dietary fibers. These nutrients promote the health of cardiovascular system. They protect the body from colon cancer,

It helps and improve anti-inflammatory effects and build up the immune system. They give protection from Rheumatism and Arthritis and prostate cancer.

 I think that this is enough to introduce the Papaya fruit.

Now we are going to make Delicious papaya smoothee.


Papaya fruit pulp cubes one cup
Cow milk one glass
Sugar one  tablespoon.
Cardamom two pods.
Ice cubes three


Peel off the papaya and remove the seeds.
Cut the fruit pulp into cubes.
Bring to blend with sugar and cardamom and little milk.

Add half a glass again and blend.
Pour the mixture in a glass.
Add more milk to fill the glass.
Mix with the help of a spoon.
Add ice cubes.

Serve chill. 
Wonderful taste.
Mind blowing flavor..!
Healthy and nutritional smoothee, you will enjoy..!
Guests will admire its super taste and its appealing orange tone color.
Children and adults will go crazy to drink more and more.

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