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Blacknight shade is a wonderful greens plant that grows about two meters height and its fruits are known as wonder cherry or sunberry. It spreads all around and the stem and leaves are very soft natured. In Tamil, it is known by the people as 'MANATHAKKALI KEERAI/KARUNJUKKUTTY KEERAI'. In Hindi, it is known as ' MAKOI. 

Its botanical name is 'Solanum Nigrum'.

The minerals present in black nightshade are niacin, riboflavin, calcium, phosphorus and iron. Vitamin C is the only mineral that is present in high quantity. 

With regard to the health benefits of Manathakkali greens, it is a healing herb. It reduces the heat of the body and prevent diseases caused by the sun heat. is is the best medicinal values for acne, eczema and psoriais
The fruits and leaves are the most excellent appetizers.

It treats peptic ulcers, colitis and flatulence. 

Weekly twice, it is recommended in regular meals.

Let us check the method of making Manathakkali keerai stew:


Manathakkali keerai/Blacknight shade greens  three cups finely chopped
Bellary onions finely chopped one spoon
Garlic pods three
Cumin seeds one spoon
Pepper coarse powder one spoon
Salt to taste
Sesame oil one spoon
Tomato thin slices (One)
Cooked dal mashed and diluted with water three cups


Heat the wok with sesame oil over a medium flame.
Add cumin seeds to fry.
Add onions, tomato dices and saute until the tomato be cooked.
Followed by the greens and saute again.
Add Salt and the dal water.
Let the greens get cooked in Dal water.
Adjust the consistency with addition of water if needed.
Wait for a couple of minutes.
Add shredded garlic and pepper powder.

Now the healthy stew is ready. Serve hot.

So simple.. traditional...easy..highly nutritional and medicinal and healthy stew/soup from your kongutraditionalrecipes..

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