Tuesday, 19 April 2016


Here is another variety of upma !


Raw rice half cup
Boiled rice one cup
Pepper one spoon
Toor Dal or Mysore dal half cup
Mustard seeds one spoon
Moong dal one spoon
Chana dal one spoon
Sesame oil one spoon
Cooking oil one tablespoon
Bellary onion one medium size chopped
Shredded ginger one spoon
Red Chillies three split
Curry leaves one sprig
Coriander leaves chopped half cup
Cashew four(dry roasted )


Dry roast rice into puffed rice.
Dry roast dal.
Dry roast pepper
Mix them together and keep aside to cool.
Blend them together into a coarse powder.
Keep aside.
Boil two cups of water with sesame oil and salt.
Pour little by little into the dal and rice mix.
mix well.
Steam the mixture in an idli pot.
Crumble the cooked rice-dal mix.
Heat the wok with cooking oil Over a medium flame.
Add mustard seeds.
Wait until it crackles and add onion, curry leaves and red chillies and shredded ginger
Saute them.
Add moong dal, chana dal.
Transfer the crumbled rice-dal mix into the wok.
Saute to blend all the ingredients together.
Add cashew(dry roasted and broken) bits.
Garnish with coriander leaves.

Serve hot with side dish. We love to eat with bitter gourd gravy

Quick method..
A Perfect evening snack

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