Monday, 18 July 2016



Raw rice two cups
Karuppatty/Palm jaggery two cups
Coconut grates one cup
Cardamom pods four
Sesame oil to make paniyarams


Soak raw rice for an hour.
Wash three times.
Blend the raw rice and coconut grates and cardamom seeds with adequate water together, until the mixture ground to the coarse paste.
Collect the batter in a bowl.
Mix the palm jaggery powder.
Keep aside for ten minutes.
Let the batter be in a dosai batter consistency.
Heat the paniyaram maker over a medium flame.
Grease the paniyaram maker with sesame oil or ghee as per your choice.
I use sesame oil here.
Pour the batter into each mould upto the top.
Close with the lid.
Let the flame be in medium.
Observe the paniyaram is cooking with air holes.
Flip the paniyarams to other side using a long metal stick.
Allow to cook both sides to golden brown.
Remove each paniyarams from the maker and collect them in a serving bowl.
Serve hot..

It is highly nutritious and delicious.
Palm jaggery is enriched with minerals, calcium and enormous health benefits. If it replaces the white sugar as a sweetner in our sweet dishes, it is highly beneficial naturally.

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