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MANATHAKKALI KEERAI OR KARUNJUKKUTTY KEERAI OR MILAKUTHAKKALI KEERAI is known as Night shade plant or wonder berry plant. Its scientific name is Solanum Nigrum. The health benefits of this greens are anti-oxidant, anti--inflammatory, diuretic, antipyretic. It acts as an anti- cancer agent. It is very good for mouth sores and ulcers. It is used for the treatment of convulsion. It also treats flatulence. We , the Kongu folks are well known of its medicinal values and we habituate  the food habit of consuming  the manathakkali keerai  with dal, chutny or manathakkali kootu and manathakkali berries puli kuzambu and so on. Sometimes when we suffer with ulcer or mouth sore and ulcer, we eat these raw and fresh leaves and enjoyed their speedy cure on ulcerrs.

Now we move to view how to make yummy chutny using these leaves.


Black night shade green leaves cleaned and washed two cups
Curry leaves 10
Coriander leaves few
Fried gram one cup
A pinch of asafoetida
Coconut grates half cup
Garlic pods peeled off two 
Tamarind marble size
Cane sugar one spoon or jaggery one piece
Salt required
cooking oil (sesame oil) one spoon
Red chillies two or three optional


Saute the black night shade leaves in sesame oil until they get swirled
Keep aside to cool down.
Collect all the ingredients such as coconut grates, fried gram, salt, red chillies, fresh country coriander leaves, curry leaves, cane sugar, tamarind, a pinch of asafoetida in a mixer jar.
Finally, add the black night shade leaves
Blend them with the adequate water to get the thick chutny consistency.
Check the spice, salt and tanginess combined and balanced .

Transfer the paste into a serving bowl.

This chutny is so delicious to have with hot steamed rice and a spoon of ghee. It also go very well with idlies, dosais and other wouth indian dishes.

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