Tuesday 4 October 2016


It is an excellent source of Vitamin C.
It helps in the absorption and assimilation of nutrients.
It helps flush out toxins through the urinary system
It is excellent for digestion
It is said to  relieve the pain of menstrual cramps.

Can you guess what is it? an amazing amla in honey!

When amla soaked in honey, it absorbs honey and becomes delicious, throwing its bitterness and leaching out water containing in it. .It has a wonderful quality to treat the anaemia.  Amla in honey base is being sold in grocery and medicinal shops costly. We can make this wonderful sweet amla in our home.


Honey 500 ml
Amla fruits/Indian gooseberry  10 nos

To make Amla sweet, 

Wash the amlas and pat dry them.
Cut the wedges and remove the seed.
Steam them for 8 minutes.
Allow to cool and dry.
Transfer them to a glass container and pour honey over them.
Fill the container with honey so that the steamed amlas immersed into the honey.
Close with the lid and keep them in direct sunlight for three days.
Wait for the time that all the honey absorbed by the amlas.
Take off the soaked amlas separately from the container and transfer them in another dry glass container.
Again pour fresh honey  again to immerse the amlas.
The process is over and preserve .

We can have one fistful of honey amla in the morning regularly.

cover with the  airtight lid and leave it for 24 hours.
After one day, the amla wedges absorb the honey and settlled at the bottom of the container. 

Drain the amlas  and transfer them in a separate dry glass container. The honey turned thin and you can have it as  juice.

Pour fresh honey over the wedges.

Have the honey amla after one day to enjoy its wholeness.
You can enjoy without further waiting!

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