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This snack involves long process but the taste is great. It is an art of making swirls perfectly.


Raw rice three cups
Urad dal 100 gms
Cold press coconut oil one tablespoon
Sesame oil one tablespoon
Refined oil to deep fry the suthu murukku
Cumin seeds one spoon rubbed
Cow butter one lemon size room temperature
Salt to taste
Adequate water


Soak the raw rice for two hours and drain the water and allow to dry in sunlight on a dry cloth or on a newspaper until the water excess be absorbed and the rice is with moisture.
Blend the rice into fine flour and sieve the flour to get a finest flour.
Dry roast the urad dal into cream white and aroma wafts.
Blend the urad dal into a fine powder.
Sieve the flour in order to get finest flour.
Mix them well in a dry bowl.
Add Salt and mix well.
Add butter and blend well.
Add water as per need and knead into a soft dough.
Add cumin seeds and incorporate them into the dough.
Add pure cold pressed coconut oil.
Knead well to get non-sticky.
Take a lemon sized dough and pinch with three fingers into a long rope shape. 
Twist and press gently and for a circle about two or three turns.over a polyethylene or plastic sheet.
You can swirl three murukkus at a time and deep fry them. 
Heat oil and drop the murukku one by one by hand.
Deep fry the murukku until the sizzling sound of oil ceases.
Drain the murukku when it becomes golden brown on all sides.
Collect in a dry bowl.
Repeat the process in batches.
Crispy and tasty kai murukku is ready to have.

Do view another version using boiled rice as follows:
We can make the kai murukkus by using boiled rice. The process is slightly different. Soak the IR 20 or idli rice fir two hours. Grind into a smooth batter adding salt. Blend the Bengal gram and ajwain seeds into a fine flour. Dry roast urad dal. Blend it into fine powder. Mixing proportion is Rice batter (250 gms idli rice or IR20+Urad dal flour one spoon+50 gms of Bengal gram flour+salt to taste+cumin seeds sesame seeds (optional)+one tablespoon of cow butter+adequate water.

Knead into a soft and nonsticky dough.
Take one tablespoon of coconut oil in a small cup to smear the fingers and palm.
Smear the hands and take one portion of the dough and make the murukku by rolling and twisting the dough ropes with the help of thumb, forefinger and middle finger. the forefinger and middle finger.
Just three rounds around the bottle cap. Make murukkus over the dry white cloth.

Heat the oil to deep fry.
Take off the murukkus from the cloth using a spatula and Deep fry evenly into a golden brown and crispy murukkus. 
Collect them in a tissue paper or newspaper to absorb excess oil.
Store them. one week shelf life.

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