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Red beaten rice is termed as poha in Hindi, aval in Tamil. There are other English names to aval as flattened rice/rice flakes.It is one of the fast food and we can try this rice flakes in different versions. Red flattened rice is prepared from brown rice and the bran is retained when processed. So it is highly nutritive and packed with Vitamin B and other nutrients. It is a good option for a healthy diet.

This dessert is a special festive sweet in SouthIndia. This is offered as prasadam or neivedyam for Poojas of our Deities.

Very simple and delicious sweet you have to know!


Red rice flakes one cup 
White sugar half cup
Jaggery powder half cup
Cardamom powder half soon
Edible camphor tiny bit
Cow ghee half cup
Raisins one tablespoon
Almond flakes one tablespoon
Adeuate water to cook red rice flakes.


Heat the fry pan and roast the red rice flakes for a minute in one spoon of ghee.
Set aside to cool down.
Add three cups of water with a spoon of ghee in a separate frying pan and bring to boil.
Blend the poha/red rice flakes into a coarse texture.
Add this coarse red flakes to the boiling water and stir well.
Allow to cook the coarse red flakes to soft texture and absorb the entire water,
Add sugar and one tablespoon of ghee.
Stir well in a low flame.
Add jaggery powder and stir well.
Add edible camphor and sir aain.
Pour the remaining ghee and stir well till the texture reached glossy and leave the sides of the pan and oozes ghee out all over the sides of the pan.
No need to add food colour.
Fry the almond flakes and raisins separately and transfer into the cooked poha/aval/red rice flakes.
Switch off the flame and transfer the mass into a dry serving bowl.

Exotic sweet!!! you never taste this before!!!!! I am sure You will go addict !😋😋

You may call this rich sweet as aval kaesari/aval sweet pongal/aval halwa.
Enjoy this divine sweet with your loved ones.

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