Friday, 7 April 2017


This is one of the spicy curry you will never taste before. There are several versions of cooking the brinjals in south India.This curry will be cooked in a jiffy. Very simple but the taste is high. Let us proceed to cook this yummy brinjal curry right now.


Brinjals 250 gms
Tomato medium size
Shallots peeled off and chopped half cup
Sambar powder one tablespoon
Curry leaves one sprig
Sesame oil one tablespoon
Mustard seeds one spoon
Turmeric one small spoon
Coriander powder one spoon
Cumins seeds powder one spoon


Heat the frying pan with sesame oil.
Add mustard seeds to pop up.
Once it starts to splutter, add shallots, curry leaves.
Saute for a while until the shallots turn translucent.
Transfer the chopped brinjals to the frying pan.
Add turmeric and sambar powder and salt.
Saute for few minutes in low flame.
Add chopped tomato.
Give a gentle toss.
Add coriander powder, cumin powder and one spoon of castor oil.
Add adequate water and salt to taste.
Close the lid and cook for five minutes in a medium flame until the brinjal chops get softened.

This curry is one of the best accompaniments to the hot steamed rice.


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