Tuesday, 25 April 2017


Nendiran banana fruit chips have a unique sweet taste and appearance.  While consuming the chips, you will admire the salty peppery and sweet chips you relish. The chips are very popular in Kerala and it is spread over south India. Now they are available in each and every shop of Coimbatore. Almost every mother of Kongu region knows the preparation of Nendiram chips. They will make chips in raw nendiram bananas and half ripen nendiram bananas.

How to make this tasteful yellow chips?


half ripen banana one
Any cold pressed oil I choose
Here I choose sesame oil. You can use cold pressed coconut oil as fried in Kerala.
Salt and pepper.


Cut the ends of the banana fruit and slice it into thin slices using the slicer.
Heat the oil over a medium flame 
Drop the chips one by one quickly.
Let the chips puffed up and fried crispy.
Once the sizzling sound and bubbles cease or reduced to a minimum, take out.
Collect in a tissue papaer or a dry plate.
Sprinkle salt and pepper'

Relish the chips as an evening snack or enjoy as a side dish to any fried rice or any meal.

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