Monday, 8 May 2017



Whole samba wheat one cup
Sugar 3 cups
Cashewnuts 10nos
Fresh cow ghee 2 cups


Wash and soak wheat for seven hours.
Prepare the fresh ghee from butter.
Set aside.
Drain the water and grind the wheat with half a cup of water to a smooth consistency.
Strain the paste through a silver strainer.
Grind again the remaining wheat with another half a cup of water.
Set aside the collected wheat milk for 30 minutes undisturbed.
Heat one cup of sugar with one spoon of water over a medium flame.
Rub the sugar with a spatula constantly until it gets golden brown.
Add the remaining sugar and half cup of water.
Heat the sugar until its gets one string consistency.
Drain the wheat extract the clear water carefully.
Then, add the drained wheat milk to the boiling sugar syrup.
Keep stirring continuously to avoid lumps.
The consistency of the milk gets transparent and thick
Now add the ghee little by little and keep on stirring.
Now add the cashew tiny bits fried in ghee.
Switch off the flame once it gets halwa consistency and nonsticky.
Grease the tray with little ghee and spread the halwa

Glossy and authentic sweet halwa is ready.

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