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Murungai/Drumstick tree is called as miracle tree because its entire parts are of high nutritional values and medicinal uses. Moringa/murungai /drumstick pulps of pods and seeds are packed with vitamin C, Vitamin B complex, Oleic acid, a healthy mono-saturated fat, Thiamin, Vitamin B1, B6 and Folates and other minerals.

We are going to learn the Drumstick pulp urugai/thokku here.


Drumstick pods six nos
Garlic pods five
Tamarind gooseberry size
Curry leaves 10 nos
Jaggery one piece
Fenugreek roasted powder half a spoon
Asafoetida half a pinch
Red chilly powder one spoon
Sesame oil one tablespoon
Mustard seeds one spoon


Wash the drumstick pods and cut them into two. 
Scoop out the pulp with seeds from drumstick pods and collect them in a plate.
Blend the pulp, tamarind, garlic with required water to a bit coarse paste.
Heat the frying pan with one tablespoon of sesame oil.
Add mustard seeds to crackle and simmer the flame.
Add curry leaves, red chilly powder, fenugreek powder, turmeric, asafoetida  and tomato cubes.
Saute them in a medium flame.
Transfer the drumstick pulp mixture.
Saute them for a few minutes.
Add salt and jaggery.
Add half a cup of water and allow to cook well.
Pour one tablespoon of sesame oil and let the mixture cook until the oil separates along the sides.

Drumstick pulp urugai is ready.
Tasting yummy!

You can have it with hot steamed rice or use it as side dish for curd rice, arisiyum paruppum or any meal.

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