Thursday, 15 June 2017


This sweet is made using maida flour and unsweetened milk khoya and nuts dipped in sugar syrup. Makkan peda is similar to Gulab Jamun in taste but with nuts stuffed inside.

We can make this pedas using gulab jamun mix.


250 gms of maidha flour
Butter one tablespoon
Curd one tablespoon
Cow ghee one tablespoon
Milk khoya unsweetened one cup
Sugar 250gms

For stuff:

Almonds 10 nos
Cashews 10 nos
Cucumber seeds one tablespoon
Pista optional
Cardamom half spoon crushed and powdered freshly

Cold compressed Groundnut oil two cups to fry


In a dry bowl, add maidha and butter and rub well into both the ingredients incorporated and got the grainy texture.

Add khoya and curd and knead into a soft mass and set aside.

Blend the cardamom seeds, the nuts and seeds into a fine powder or coarse powder or broken as per your choice.

I made coarse powder here.

Divide the mass into small equal portions and make cup-shaped.

Stuff one spoon of nut powder inside the cup and roll into balls and set aside.

In a separate vessel, bring to boil one and half a cup of water and one cup of sugar.

Allow boiling until the syrup in sticky texture. 

Add five drops of rose water and edible camphor and cow ghee in the sugar syrup.

Heat the deep frying pan with oil over a medium flame.

Flatten the balls slightly into pedas.

Drop the pedas gently in hot oil and turn the other side.

Allow frying into golden brown texture.

Collect the pedas in a dry plate.

Soak them in sugar syrup at least for three hours.

Rich, royal sweet for any special occasion of the family!

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