Thursday, 13 July 2017


This kanji or porridge is traditionally common for breakfast in Tamilnadu. This is very nutritious and especially for kids and adult parents as a simple and easily digestible meal. This very comfort meal suits to every being without age bar.

How to make this simple and yummy kanji/porridge?


Rice one cup
Green gram half a cup
Cumin seeds one spoon
water as required
Salt to taste
Pepper powder one spoon
Ginger gratings optional
Asafoetida half a pinch
Bellary onion finely grated


Soak the rice and whole green lentil in water for one hour.
Wash the rice and green gram thrice and transfer them in a pressure cooker.
Add salt, cumin seeds, pepper powder, asafoetida and water three cups of water.
Switch one the flame and pressure for one whistle and simmer the flame and wait for another whistle about to start.
Switch off the flame and set aside to release the pressure.
Remove the weight and mash the cooked ingredients using a ladle.
Add two cups of boiling water and stir again to form the porridge consistency.
Check the salt and serve warm.
Add onion gratings and green chillies (optional)
You can have it with cow milk also.

Mix with half a cup of milk and you may feed this nutritious and healthy porridge to your toddlers.

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