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This nice ghee is being prepared from homemade butter. 

Ghee is the important ingredient in every home in India. 
Especially Kongu folks enjoy this ghee in each and every meal they prepared. It is the most important ingredient in sweets.
It is good for everyone.
It treats acid reflux, stomach ulcers, mouth ulcers.
It is also good for easy digestion.

We can separate the butter from curd at home. We can store it in good condition in the refrigerator for a long time. I will post how to make butter from curd separately.


Fenugreek seeds one tablespoon
Butter  500 gms


Wash the butter several times carefully to remove the buttermilk contents and strain the excess water from butter by closing the lid.

Place the washed butter in a frying pan and heat the butter over a medium flame.

Once it melts, the white froth of the milk solids floats on the top level.

Do not cover the pan. Don't move and stand before the cooktop to keep an eye.

Utmost attention needed to prepare a nice aromatic ghee. Do follow the conditions.

You will first observe the noisy and big bubbles. The foamy layer is seen around.

Once the bubbles reduced the size, add fenugreek seeds.

Don't use spoon or spatula throughout the process. It would automatically do.

When the white foamy layer tarts to cover the entire top layer, the milk contents are completely broken up leaving behind the rich golden oil.

Almost done.

Simmer the flame and the milk contents settle down at the bottom. The bubbles become tiny and the golden ghee 

Now you observe the nice aroma emanated from the ghee! 

Ghee is ready right now!

Switch off the flame and set aside to get room temperature.

Strain the ghee using a dry tea strainer.
Store in a dry ghee jar. Use the dry spoon to take the ghee.

Now the ghee is in the liquid state. Once it is completely cooled down, it will turn to be in the semi-solid state.

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