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What is this Kongu special Herbal soup, you ask?

Dear Friends!

It is our Lifestyle. This is the gem of our Kongu cuisine. It is a like to enjoy healthy rasam. Yes, it is a perfect fit for our tummy.

This is termed as Thazhai Rasam by our Village people.

This Rasam/Soup has the following medicinal herbs and spices in our kitchen:

Climbing Brinjal/ Thuthvalai greens

White Gulmohar/Perungonrai/Vadhanarayanan tree leaves
Neem /Vaeppilai
Basil leaves/Thulasi 
Pointed gourd/Musumusukkai greens+
Kedrostis /Appakkovai greens one cup
Ballon wine young leaves/mudakkathan greens 
Coriander seeds,
Cumin seeds
Curry leaves
Red chillies
Jaggery optional
Sesame oil two tablespoons

and hence it has the potency to 

reduce fever

boost antioxidants
make tummy comfort
reduce joint pains due to fever.
relief to cold,
treat a sore throat

It takes about half an hour to make and it tastes like the most wonderful soup for the winter.

Preparation Time:  10 minutes

Cook Time 20 minutes

yields 6 servings


Sesame oil two tablespoons

Shallots 20 pcs
Red chillies two
10 cloves garlic
tamarind  small pcs
Jaggery three pcs
Coriander leaves few finely chopped
Cumin seeds 1 tsp
Coriander seeds one tablespoon (optional)
Pepper one tablespoon
Asafoetida one pinch
young leaves of neem 10 nos
young leaves of vadha narayana tree 10 nos
young leaves of climbing brinjal a fistful
young leaves of musumusukkai+
young leaves of appakkovai creeper
young leaves of basil a fistful
Balloon wine/mudakkathaan  young leaves 10 nos
Ginger one pc grated (Optional)
Turmeric one spoon
Horsegram one tablespoon
Toor Dal one cup cooked
Curry leaves a fistful
Salt to taste


Wash and rinse the green leaves

Heat one tablespoon oil and saute all the greens to subside

Blend the coriander seeds, cumin seeds, ginger, half red chilly, pepper, garlic, tamarind, tomato with half a cup of water  into a coarse paste

Blend the greens with half a cup of water to a fine paste.

Pressure cook dal with turmeric and castor oil two drops.

Pound the shallots in a mortar and pestle.

Heat the skillet with another tablespoon of oil

Add mustard seeds to splutter

Add red chillies. crushed shallots, curry leaves and saute until the shallots turn translucent.

Add turmeric and asafoetida.


In a soup pot, mix the blended pastes, pressure cooked dal and five cups of water. Mix everything well. Now transfer all the contents to the skillet.If you want to thin it out, add another cup of water.

Add salt and jaggery.

Allow boiling for five minutes.

Garnish with coriander.

Now this fantastic fragrant Rasam is ready.

You can have this rasam as soup or with hot steamed rice. It tastes great and soothing. This rasam is very familiar with our villages.

Heat the skillet wwith one tablespoon 

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