Saturday, 8 September 2018


Moong Dal Halwa is a  delightful delicacy that captivates all our senses.  It just melts in our mouth. It leaves you craving more and more. 

Now onto the recipe:

This is a quicker version, you can follow.

Main ingredients:

Moong Dal 200 g
Sugar 200 g
Ghee 150 ml
Cardamoms 4 pcs
Take off the seeds and crush to a coarse powder
Pistachio 10 pcs to be chop as fine flakes.

Colouring agents and enhancer of divine taste:

Edible camphor 1/2 a pinch
Kaesar powders both orange and yellow half a pinch each


Grind the moong dal to a fine powder.
Heat the one tbsp ghee and roast the moong dal. Add one tbsp ghee
and roast on medium heat with quick saute to avoid burning.
Remove from the flame and set aside to cool down.
Bring the water  450 ml water to boil.
Add Kaesar powders and edible camphor
Add two tbsp ghee to the boiling water.
Transfer the dal powder and stir constantly
Add sugar.
Fold several times to get combined all the ingredients together.
add the remaining ghee and fold on low heat until the non-sticky mass and ghee separate all over the sides.
Add cardamom powder and mix gently.
Add Pistachio flakes in the separated ghee.
Serve warm.

Cooking time 15 minutes
Servings: 2.

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