Tuesday, 2 October 2018


How to make this incredible Potato Roast?


Potatoes baby or medium sized 500 g
Water 250 ml
Salt 3/4 Tsp

Bellary onion 1 finely chopped
GReen chillies 2 finely chopped
Curry leaves 20 pcs
Groundnut Oil 2 tbsps
Grated Ginger  1 Tsp
Grated Garlic 1 tsp
Pepper  1 tbsp
Mint leaves finely chopped one handful
Turmeric 3/4 tsp
Asafoetida 2 pinches
Mustard Seeds 1/2 Tsp
Red chillies whole 3-4 pcs
Salt 3/4 tsp


Wash the potatoes thoroughly.
Pressure cook the potatoes with 250 ml water and 3/4 tsp salt up to 3 whistles on medium heat.
Set aside to cool down. Peel the skins.
Season with mustard seeds, onion, green chillies curry leaves, asafoetida. and turmeric. and whole red chillies a fistful mint leaves.
Roast the potaotes on low heat for five minutes.Final touch with mint leaves and pepper powder.

If you want to add red chilly powder or more pepper it is upto your choice.

A perfect side dish to Curd rice and other onepot meals and chappaties, Dosas and Pooris.

Cooking time 25 minutes
Yield 4 servings

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