Thursday, 23 May 2019


This is a famous Indian dessert,  enjoyed by almost all age groups of India. 
This enriched Kulfi can be made easily in the home with a few ingredients i.e., Fresh full cream milk, condensed milk, cardamom seeds powder, Sugar, Cornflour and almond, pistachio and cashew flakes 
and frozen in the refrigerator.

You can make it with different twists by adding rose essence, vanilla essence or cherry, saffron strands to make this kulfi more delightful. It is having amazing taste and nutrients.

Here is the recipe:

Full creamed milk 500 ml
Sugar 3 tbsps
Cornflour1 tsp
water 10 ml
Condensed milk( I use milkmaid here) 50 ml
Almonds 8 pcs to be chopped
Pistachios 8 pcs to be chopped
Cashews 8 pcs to be chopped.
Cardamoms 4 to be crushed.s


Bring the milk to boil in a 2.5 Pressure cooker until it reduces 1/2  of its volume. 
Add the mixture of corn flour and water.
Then condensed milk.
Keep stirring on low heat.
Add Sugar and mix again.
Add nut flakes and crushed cardamom seeds
Transfer the contents to a beaker and set aside to cool down.
Then fill the Kulfi mould and cover it with its lid. 
Refrigerate in a freezer for 4 hours.

Kulfi is ready.

Keep the kulfi mould in a  tray having 3/4 th water.
Now we can easily take out the Kulfi.

Enjoy with your loved ones during these summer holidays to beat the summer season!.

You may multiply the measurement for more kulfis. 
The above-mentioned measurement is for 4 kulfis 

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