Saturday, 14 September 2019


Are you craving for absolutely delicious sweet in this season
Then, choose this sweet to try out!
There are So many variations. This is one of the variations of kaesari calls in for Super veggie, Carrot making it as more relishable and natural and pure. While you doing this, you will get amazed about its crumbly and ultimately soft and melt-in-mouth texture. You cannot stop with one bowl. more and more, you want!

This is easy to make at home! You can do this within a few minutes.

How to make?

Ingredients needed:

Fresh Carrots 150 gms or two
Semolina 75 gms
Sugar 100 gms
Fresh cow ghee 75 ml
Cardamom pods 9 pcs
Whole cashews 8-10 pcs
Raisins 115-20 pcs
Edible camphor a tiny bit
Saffron strands 10-15 pcs optional


Wash the carrots thoroughly.
Peel off the carrots
Shred the carrots into fine flakes.
Grind it with 5ml water to a fine pulp
Roast Semolina in 2 tbsps ghee until creamy texture.
Set aside.
Bring to boil 250 ml water with one tsp ghee in a pan on medium heat.
Once the water starts to boil add roasted semolina little by little keeping on stirs.
Let semolina to cook well and absorbed water entirely.
Add one tsp ghee and stir.
Now add carrot pulp and mix to combine.
Add sugar and stir well to dissolve and concentrate on medium heat.
This will take 1 minute.
Pour 25 ml ghee and mix to combine.
Add crushed cardamom seeds.
In another pan, add 3 tbsps ghee and fry whole cashew nuts and raisins until golden brown.
Transfer the cooked carrot-Semolina contents to the frying pan and mix to combine.
Add saffron strands optionally
Let the contents cook until nonsticky
Ready to serve.

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