Thursday, 26 September 2019


Creamy chilled dessert, somewhat surprising, might just be your most lovable that's good for your eye health.

There are very few vegetables that lend themselves to pronounced scoops. Carrots are one of such veggies. Carrot stood out as a catchy ingredient in this ice cream with the predominant flavour.  

How to make?

Key ingredients:

Carrots 200 gms or two carrots
Heavy milk cream 40% fat 400 ml
(Milkymist fresh cream is used here)
Sweetened condensed milk 400 ml
Saffron strands 20 pcs
Fresh milk 100 ml


Wash the carrots. Cut the ends. Peel the skin.
Grate the carrots.
Cook the carrot flakes in 100 ml fresh cow milk on medium heat
Add saffron strands and cook for 8 minutes.
Set aside to cool down.
Blend the cooked carrots to a smooth puree.

Transfer the Heavy cream into a dry mixing bowl.
Beat until soft peaks.
Add condensed milk and carrot puree.
Mix well to combine.

Transfer the mixture to an airtight container.
Cover it and place it in the freezer compartment,
Let it freeze for 2 hours.

Take out and give fine stirs.
Keep it again in the freezer compartment for another 3 hours.

(Note: Stirring one time will break down the ice crystals and form into smooth textured 
ice cream)
Rich creamy carrot ice cream is ready to enjoy.

Four generous servings.
Give it a try.

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