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MUTTON THANNI KUZHAMBU|மட்டன் தண்ணிக் குழம்பு

Mutton Thanni kuzhambu goes very well with idlis, Dosas, Uthappams, Kal Dosas, Chapatis, Parottas, Rotis and hot steamed rice. This recipe is popular in Tamil Nadu. Mutton Chukka and Mutton Thanni Kuzhambu are the staple dishes of Kongu folks in every Sunday Meals of  Kongu Folks since a very long time. 
Most comfortable Combination of  Main dishes of Tamil Nadu and north Indian main dishes. 
This kuzhambu involves four steps.

Each step has its own ingredients.

First Step: 

Washed Goat meat 500 gm
Rock Salt 3/4 tsp
Turmeric 3/4 tsp
Water 250 ml
Grated Ginger 1 tsp


Pressure-cook the meat with the above ingredients for 4-6 whistles on medium heat. Set aside to cool down.

Second step:

Groundnut OIl 2 tbsp
Cinnamon 2 inch stick
Cloves 5 pcs
Coriander Seeds 1.5 tnsp
Cumin Seeds 1 tsp
Peppercorns 3/4 tsp
Dried Red Chillies 3-4 pcs
Chopped Shallots 3/4 cup
Garlic Cloves 6 pcs
Fresh Curry leaves 25 pcs
Turmeric 3/4 tsp
Medium size tomato chopped one
Fried gram(Pottu kadalai) 1 tsp
Fennel seeds 1/2 tsp
Shredded Coconut 3/4 bowl/cup


Heat the pan with groundnut oil on low heat. add Cinnamon stick, cloves, Coriander seeds, Cumin Seeds, Peppercorns, Dried Red Chillies, Shallots, Garlic Cloves, Curry leaves, Turmeric, Fried gram
and saute on low flame. 
Note: Care should be taken while frying the above ingredients. Never fry on high or medium flame.
Low heat is sufficient to get a nice aroma while frying. 
Set aside to cool down.

Third Step:

Fried ingredients
Water 150 ml


Transfer all the ingredients together to the mixer jar.
Add water 150 ml.
Grind to a smooth paste at high speed.

Fourth Step:


Groundnut Oil !.5 tbsp
Cinnamon stick crushed 4 pcs
Cloves 4-5 pcs
Fennel seeds 3/4 tsp
Curry leaves 15 pcs
Grated Garlic 1 tsp
Grated Ginger 1 tsp
Cooked meat-bones 10-12 pcs
Stock water 150 ml
Water 400 ml
Coriander greens chopped  a few


Open the cooker and separate the meat and bones.
Divide the stock water 50 ml and 150 ml.
50 ml stock water along with the meat is used to make the MUTTON CHUKKA.
The remaining g 150 ml stock water along with the cooked meat-bones are used here to make 

Let's make:

Heat the heavy bottomed vessel or pressure cooker with groundnut oil on medium heat.
Add Cinnamon stick crushed 4 pcs, Cloves 4-5 pcs, Fennel seeds and curry leaves respectively.
Add Galic grated and grated ginger.
Saute for a while until a nice aroma.
Now add the cooked meat-bones along with stock water.
Transfer the paste after taking out five tbsps of paste to make the mutton chukka. 
Add 400 ml water to rinse the mixer jar and pour to the cooker/vessel to dilute to the watery consistency.
Stir to combine.
Add rock salt and stir again to dissolve.
Let boil for five minutes.
Sprinkle some coriander greens
Turn off the heat.

Mutton Thanni kuzhambu is ready to be served.

Cooking time 45 minutes 
Yield: Serving 6 members

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