Sunday, 5 April 2020



Corn flour 225 gms or one cup
Sugar 250 gms/1.25 cups
Cashew/Almond/Pistachio pieces 2 tbsp
Ghee 25 ml
Water one cup/200 ml+150 ml
Crushed Cardamom seeds 1/2 tsp(optional)
Saffron Strands 10 pcs (optional or your choice)
Kaesar Powder or food colour as per your choice. 


Heat the non-stick pan with sugar as measured above with 200 ml water.
Bring to boil until a sticky consistency.
Medium heat is always recommended.
Add kaesar powder any colour you want.
While boiling, add saffron strands.
Once a sticky consistency achieved, turn off the heat for a while.
In a mixing bowl, add corn flour as per above measurement and water 200 ml.
Mix until the milk consistency using a spoon.
Add this cornflour milk to the sticky sugar syrup and stir well.
Now turn on the heat to low-medium flame.
Keep on stirring fast.
The mixture turns slowly into a gelatinous form.
Add Desi ghee and stir continuously.
While the halwa consistency reached, add crushed cardamom seeds (optional) and crushed nut flakes.
Incorporate all the things together.
Observe the glossy and gelatinous halwa.
Transfer the halwa to a greased tray and mark the shape of your choice.
Set aside to cool down.
Just tilt down to a dry plate.
separate each piece and arrange into a fine row.
Serve warm or cool.

cooking time 15 minutes
Yield around 20 pieces..

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