Sunday, 5 July 2020


Super soft and tasty bread can be done in our home. The bursting smell, while we bake, is just amazing. 

Homemade bread is healthier than storebought bread. Home-bake bread contains accurately what you want to eat. Store-bought bread contains additives and preservatives. 

If you are a new baker, this is the right recipe for you.

Ingredients we need for making one loaf of bread:

For yeast activation:

Active dry yeast 2 tsp
All-purpose flour 4 tsp
Milk 8-10 tsp

 Other ingredients that we need:

All-purpose flour 2.5 cups
Egg one
Powdered brown sugar 1.5 tbsp
Milk powder 2 tbsp
Powdered Himalayan pink salt  tbsp
Milk 100 ml
Sunflower oil 2 tbsp
Water 25 ml
All-purpose flour for dusting the work surface 3 tbsp
Sunflower Oil to prevent the dryness of the dough 2 tbsp

How to make this super-soft and fluffy bread loaf at home?

It involves four steps.

Step one:

In a dry mixing bowl, add two tsp yeast, four tsp all-purpose flour, 8-10 tsp milk at room temperature and powdered brown sugar. Mix well to combine. Let it stand for 5-0 minutes to activate the yeast.

Whisk one egg and set aside.

In another mixing bowl, add all-purpose flour 2.5 cups, powdered sugar 1.5 tbsp, powdered Himalayan pink salt, Milk powder 2 tbsp. 
Mix to combine.
Set ready.

In yeast activated mixture, add the whisked egg.
Add 2 tbsp Sunflower Oil.
Mix again to be well combined.
Add the dry flour mixture in 3 batches and mix using a spatula.
Add the remaining 100 ml milk and mix using a spatula.
Then using your hand, knead the sticky dough until it becomes non-sticky.
Add water 25 ml and knead to form a nonsticky and soft pliable dough.
knead for another ten minutes to get the elastic texture.
This is the most important step we have to follow to get airy locules spirally inside and crust top of the bread.
Shape into a ball and place the ball in the oil-smeared mixing bowl by place the seam side down.
Apply little oil over the ball around the sides. 

Step Two:

Cover the dough with a damped cloth 
Let it rest for 40 minutes.
Now the dough volume increased double.
Deflate the dough to release the excess air inside the dough.
Dust the work surface with some all-purpose flour 
Place the deflated dough and just spread out the dough into an elongated shape.
Don't give pressure or punch to the dough.
Handle it softly.
Sprinkle little flour on the elongated flat dough and roll it gently.
Seam the edges down and make a fittable dough and place it in a loaf pan.

Step three:

Apply little oil over the dough using a brush.
Cover it with a cloth or towel and wait for ten minutes to second rise up.
In the meanwhile, preheat the oven in convection mode at 180 C.

Step Four:

Remove the cloth and place the loaf with dough on the lower rack of the oven.
Let it bake for 35 minutes at 180 C.
Switch off the oven let the loaf stand on the lower rack for 2 minutes.
Remove from the oven.
Let it cool down for more than 30 minutes or one hour.
Cut into desired size slices.


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